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Jingles for Radio and TV

Original Music for Films

Music Editing

Mixing and Mastering 

Sound Design

Fully Produced Songs for Artists 

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Music Production

Music Strategy for Artists

Sounds Associated With a Brand

Custom Playlists Targeting 

In-Store Audio Programming 

Sound Design

Technology Training 

Music Supervision


All Genres Excepted!

SPLY is constantly looking for new music to add to our ever growing, hand-picked, catalog of songs!
If you are interested in submitting music for SPLY to review, please email us some basic information about the artist(s) and any LINKS to their s  music.

​​Please do not send mp3's, we will not listen to them!
With experience in licensing music for Film, TV, Jingles, Video Games and more, we work side by side to ensure that all your musical needs are met.  If you're looking for something outside of our catalogue, we also have a diverse team of producers and musicians who can custom create​ the sound you're looking for in a hasty manner.



​​​​​SPLY Music is a Los Angeles based music production and licensing company devoted to the needs of today’s music supervisor. ​​With a unique and diverse catalogue of source material, we are the one-stop shop for music licensing, with 100% sync rights for all the music we represent, making the music licensing process fast and simple.

SPLY Clients Include:  Advertising Agencies, Various Corporate Brands & Music Supervisors for Film & TV.

SPLY Music's Catalogue is unique and diverse, specializing in Hip Hop & Electronic Music. 

SPLY Services Include:  Music Licensing, Music Supervision, Music Production & Music Branding.

Music Production​  

Music Licensing

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Specializing in Hip Hop & Electronic Music

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Music Licensing

Music Conceptualization

Music Budgeting

Composer Selection and Hiring

Music Clearance & Licensing

Cue Sheets

Original Music Production

Artist Submission

Music Branding

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Experience / Connections / Hustle

Films: Major & Indie

TV: Series, Specials & Infomercials

Commercials: Radio, TV & Internet

Video Games

Digital Media and New Tech

Loops & Samples

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